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The Trading Online Voucher scheme has been temporarily suspended

This morning we received the following via email from the Kildare LEO addressing the suspension of the Trading Online Voucher scheme:

* Please check with your own LEO to see if the voucher is still available.

Bear in mind that to get the maximum grant of €2,500 you need to perform the following:

  1. Confirm you're an eligible business.

  2. Register for and then attend a 2 hour online webinar discussing the voucher scheme and how it can be used for your business.

  3. Determine what you need.

  4. Get three proposals.

  5. Fill in the form.

  6. Get approved.

  7. Pay at least €2,778 up-front.

  8. Get reimbursed.

What if you want (or even *need*) to make more sales online quicker than that?

To help Irish businesses get online quicker we've created our cost-effective "Simple Sites" package. Use it to get a site online quickly. Add digital marketing packages (if you want) and get visitors to your new site and hopefully new customers and sales.

To learn more about our Simple Sites package just click here.

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